Trailing Behind Glory


I watched “Saving Mr. Banks” tonight and something hit me as I rode along on the emotional roller coaster this movie evoked –

You can’t always save people when their lives are spiraling out of control.

As much you plead and beg, you can’t always convince someone, no matter how much you love them, to not make that choice, to not believe that lie, to not settle for their own weakness, to fight against the temptation that is standing on display  in every corner of their ring.

You can’t always rescue someone from themselves.

It’s hard to see brokenness and destruction cascading down from from hands you once witness sow joy.

No matter how desperately every bit of you aches after the person you know they can be, you can’t MAKE them be.

Despite the intense gravity of how much you miss them, you cannot make them return.

Just like every love story that has you shaking the book or chucking the remote, their decisions are lost on you.

You can love someone so fiercely it feels like your heart will explode, you can tack up every fluorescent orange warning sign before each step pulling them closer to danger, and you can throw every piece of your furiously beating heart at them until you have nothing left to offer, but only they can turn around and run.

If you’re anything like me, when you see people you love hurting, or making choices that negatively affect their life you want to fix it.

It’s hard, when you’re at that place, to not believe that God created you to fix people.

I think we often forget that God did not call us to fix the brokenhearted and mend the wounds of those so frantically searching for someone, anyone, anything to etch some sense into life and all the heartache it births into our existence.

It’s hard to believe that we weren’t created to weave sense into peoples pain and bring grace into the areas filled with defeat and rejection.

I feel like it is my job to evoke memories and feelings of joy in the lives of those around me questioning the purpose residing in every nook and cranny of life.

Like it is my job to dance for those you can’t, to sing for those who forgot their voice, and to guide for those frantically heading towards places that will only ever strip them away from God and His perfect love.

It makes my heart ache just to think about people in my life that I can no longer find, that no longer exist, that no longer are fighting against every lie strewn their way.

It’s incredible, the wake and devastation that sin can leave in it’s path.

We want to fix those people, to mend every threadbare weakness of their hearts and give them reasons to hope and to dig down deep for the joy that you know they can have, we want to see them succeed and recall to mind the freedom that has been bought for them, and push them to strive towards fighting off every constant plague of temptation trying to wedge in and separate them from God.


And here’s the thing about this furiously-loving, invisible King reigning over us with justice, peace, and love – He says that as much as we yearn to fix broken hearts, to mend contrite spirits, to pick up the burdens weighing down on others, and to give those so saddened by life, peace and joy, this is what He really wants us to know –

We are really, truly here to give all glory to Him.

To paint all pictures with the colors of His grace and mercy.

To play every song with the intricacies, dynamics, rhythms and melodies of His love.

To dance every step with the fluidity, delicacies and confidence of His promises.

To write every word with the beautiful simplicity of His hope.

And to speak every line with trepidation and reverence for His pure, holy, un-defiled name.

Only God can rescue those we love from their own harmful decisions.

Only God.

Believe me when I say, He will use every means possible to snatch them out of the fire, and He will never stop calling and beckoning His children to Him.

You just keep radiating His glory. Keep sparkling with the treasures of His promises hidden away in your ever so precious heart. Cling tightly to all the tiny and medium and huge chunks of grace and truth making up every bit of you and shout from every vantage point that this Mighty Warrior has saved you from every height and every depth and that His love has filled in every crack of emptiness and loneliness that once split straight through your now overflowing heart.

I know how badly you want to turn back and take hostage those you love that you can no longer even make out when you look back over your shoulder. I know how devastating it is to want nothing more than to see them conquer and overcome what is eroding away at their spirit and being completely helpless to do so.

Pray for God’s grace to come flooding in so rapidly and heavily that they drown in an awesome awareness of all that they do not deserve and the real, raw definition of mercy.

This isn’t a mercy for the faint of heart, this isn’t a mercy for the timid, this isn’t a mercy for the quiet – this mercy is exploding across all nations and it has taken the world by storm. There is a surplus of it for every soul lost on this fallen earth.

If you haven’t already, you’re gonna get lost in the maze that is the mercy of Christ, and you will never, ever find your way back to where you started, and trust me – you won’t want to.


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