Shattered Glass


Rescue- : to free from confinement, danger, or evil

We are a rescued people.
We are born into the confinement of sin, and amazingly swept off our feet into the intimate embrace of mercy.
From the day of our birth sin has leeched itself onto our hearts, encasing us in a box of shame and reminding us of an impossible perfection, yet we are not consumed, as a hammer has come smashing down, shattering the glass, and freeing  us from that which labels us unworthy.
We are renewed in a light of transparent grace and cascaded with a ceaseless flow of an audaciously intrepid LOVE that will never be molded into any forced shape by man.
It cannot be adequately defined, it cannot be adequately categorized, it cannot be held to any standard or forced into any starting or stopping point.
It is above, below, and beyond any form of love we can relate to.
We are RESCUED from the sickness that was rooted deep in our hearts.
We are FREED from the chains that were shackled to our limbs, forcing us to be held back to a certain point.
We are no longer restrained to be in only a certain place, but are called to reach out beyond our own strength and share of the One who desperately and lovingly pried the prongs that were latched around our souls away from us.
You cannot label this freedom, you cannot define it…but you can experience it.

We are washed over with a love and a joy, stemming from the portrait of God’s grace.

Meticulous and purposeful  brushstrokes, every line reverberating the authentic texture of God’s agape love, layered on the canvas of our broken, deceitful, loveless hearts.

We were made




Before God our hearts – the deep, infected sickness of our hearts was laid bare, revealing just how very little we actually knew about our inward capabilities.

The good we thought took up residence inside, was really just a masked intruder, leveling out and exposing all the wicked we had kept hidden and denied.

The tattered, black vessels being held together by just a thread of pumping life, were flushed out by a crimson that is not our own – making us white.

We are a people seen through the eyes of grace, clothed in nothing other than redemption.

We have been miraculously set free from the dues of what we deserve and eyes that once only saw grey are dancing with delight over the swirls of the colors of mercy, joy grace, love, peace, newness, and HOPE.

While most see us as fools, clinging to something which makes no sense we say “Yes!”, gladly we will be fools, we will be fools for the Savior of our hearts, and nothing can hold us in, nothing can keep us tamed – the glass has been shattered! We are rescued, we are free, we are made NEW.

And we will run, we will shout, we will dance, we will never tire, until beautifully restored canvas is seen by all.


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