Your Worth Part 2: Valiantly Defended

You thought that feeling was your heart breaking?
You thought that was the pain of a broken heart?
You thought that sound was the tearing of your most valuable, innocent, inward beauty?
No, my child.
That was not your heart breaking.
That was Me, breaking away the chains that were beginning to tie you down.
That was Me, vehemently protecting your heart from that which WOULD break it.
That was Me, fending off the cheap imitations of what I really have in store for you.
The pain was Me pulling off the leeches of flattery and deceit that were curling around the vessels flowing My truth to you.
They were sucking the life out of you.
I couldn’t stand by, after fighting so hard for you for so long, and watch the claws of falsidical “love” scrape and tear away at you.
I was outraged at this attempted break-in.
I have come to bring life, and life more abundantly.
You are the apple of My eye, do you think I would so easily stand back, unprotective, unprovoked, and unenthused to valiantly defend My jewel?
You are royalty in MY hands.
You are crowned with grace.
I have sought after you persistently.
I have betrothed you to Me forever, I will only let in that which will cherish you as well.
I have jealously longed for you, chivalrously treated you, consistently pursued you, and forever loved you.
Do not think for one moment that a knock will sound upon your door that I will not hear.
You are mine forever, I will always fight for you, even when it feels like your heart is breaking.



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